Our Company History

Family owned since its creation, Cabinet Restylers has been committed to quality and good customer service for over 50 years. From day one, our company has served our hometown of Ashland, OH with pride. We work diligently to give our customers personalized services, an impeccably high level of quality and all the support they need.

Why Choose Local?

Ashland, OhioWhen you order from Cabinet Restylers your product isn’t being manufactured in another state or overseas. It is measured, cut, and custom made right here in Ashland, Ohio. We are one of the most prominent drawer front and door manufacturers in the country, and we do it all ourselves. That means that you, the customer, has the ability to reach us when it is convenient for you, rather than the other way around. If you suddenly realize that a measurement is off and it needs correction, you can send the order in for the correct size and it will be available the next day. A company who relies on an out of state supplier for materials might take 2-3 weeks to get a product we can bring you within 24 hours. That is one of the many advantages of choosing a local company.

guaranteeLifetime Guarantee

When we say your product is guaranteed for a lifetime, we mean it. We have been around since 1966. A lifetime guarantee from a business that has shut down is essentially worthless. But for a company that has managed to see the election of 10 presidents while continuing to maintain quality service, you can be certain your guarantee will be honored. Simply call our toll-free number and tell us exactly what you need. We will be there for you.

Saving You Money

Cabinet restyling is an inexpensive, quick way to update the look of your kitchen without going through the hassles of a remodel. We believe in keeping products as affordable as possible. As one of the largest door and drawer front manufacturers in the country, Cabinet Restylers has the purchasing power to buy our materials in bulk. This means we can keep our costs down so that you, the customer, save money. You get the same high-quality product without having to pay more out-of-pocket. This allows you to increase the resale value of your home while simultaneously saving money.

Why Choose Us?

Quality and service are the foundations the Thiel Family has rested our company upon. We care about providing lifetime support to customers, past and present. With decades of knowledge behind us, we know how to get the job done and we handle problems when they arise. Are you looking for a cabinet refacing option which can meet each and every one of your needs? Trust your next home improvement project to Cabinet Restylers of Ashland, OH.