Why Partner with Cabinet Restylers?

One way to beat the stress of an uncertain economy is to partner your business with an established company, the kind that can guarantee high quality and a fair price.

Cabinet Restylers is a family-owned custom kitchen cabinet door and drawer front manufacturer in Ashland, Ohio that has been in business since 1960. We offer sales and installation training, in addition to opportunities for partnerships. Any dealer who chooses to work with us will not only be given the highest quality cabinetry on the market to pass on to their customers but the training necessary to do so effectively.

Home Restyling Market

kitchen-cabinetsMany homeowners dream of remodeling their kitchen to enhance its aesthetics or comfort level. Some want a more modern look, while others seek out more traditional styles. They may want the design and color of their kitchen to match the rest of the home or they may want the room to have its own unique charm. Older homes may suffer from deteriorating cabinets and faded colors that naturally call for restoration or a brand new solution. Sometimes kitchen layouts needs to be simplified or altered for more space efficiency. Cabinet Restylers takes into account all these different perspectives, in addition to emphasizing eco-friendly materials. The company provides consulting, manufacturing, remodeling and installation of eye-catching kitchen cabinetry. If you work with clients who have these needs and you want to provide them with the very best, then partnering with Cabinet Restylers is an ideal option. If you work with clients who have these needs and you want to provide them with the very best, then partnering with Cabinet Restylers is an ideal option.

Keys to Cabinet Demand

  • High-quality cabinets with an attractive appearance
  • Sustainable solutions
  • Durable hardwood products
  • Impact-resistant and water resistant effects
  • A lifetime warranty

Learning a Proven Sales Process

Everything you need to know about selling Cabinet Restylers products can be learned in our sales training program. You will learn from proven experts who have generated millions of dollars in revenue about all the presentation skills, product knowledge, and sales tools you will need to be an effective partner. We will give you insight on colors and styles, as well as how to quote estimates and close deals with customers. With our help, you will be able to measure, price and sell effectively, benefiting both your business and your clients.

Thorough Installer Training

Becoming a certified installer as a partner with Cabinet Restylers will broaden your skills and add another revenue stream to your career. The program will mentor you on tools, measurements, warehouse and equipment layout, as well as how to actually install kitchen cabinets. It doesn’t take long for the training process to help you gain a clear understanding of how to install cabinets properly and professionally. By learning this process you can transform your business into a one-stop-shop for your clients.

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The Sky is the Limit

Whether Cabinet Restylers is an additional service to provide along with your other home improvement solutions or it is all you do, you can be assured that our product coupled with our dealer program will lead to success and additional revenue for you and your business.

Quality Product + Proven System = Cabinet Restylers’ Dealer Success

Cabinet Restylers is committed to its community, the environment and keeping rewarding jobs in America. You can be part of this enduring legacy that will help you pave a career path to a bright future.